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If you lost your car keys for Acura, and need replacement set of keys for your Acura as soon as possible, you have reached to the right place.
Here, At Dfw Keys for cars, we specialize in keys making for all years and models of Acura vehicles.
We stock large quantities of all types of Acura blank keys, Acura acura key replacementtransponder keys, Acura chipped keys, Acura remotes, Acura key fobs, and Acura smart keys. We are equipped with state of the art cutting machines and programmers to ensure that the key cutting will be as precise as possible and the chip will be programmed correctly.
We have a large crew of certified mobile service technicians that are available at your service 24/7 around the DFW area and can arrive at your location quickly, all ready to provide you on site complete service, with no need on your behalf to tow the car anywhere. This huge plus, doesn’t only save you money, but also saves you a lot of time, and we all know, that time is precious.
For your ease of mind, all of our Acura Car Keys replacement services in the DFW area, come with warranty to ensure that if anything happens to your key, your back is covered.
DFW keys for cars, is a local, family owned and operated company, that understands the value of priceless excellent customer service. When you choose to use our services, be sure to greeted by friendly dispatchers that truly care for your well being and that treat you like family. Call us now at 214-717-6398

Replacement Car Keys For Acura:

DFW Keys for Cars specialize in providing quick easy and affordable keys making for Acura. If you got into a situation in which your Acura Car keys are lost or stolen and you want to know how does the procedure of replacing car keys for Acura works, please read the following lines to receive some clarity of how the process works exactly.
Every car has it’s own individual ID, this is called a VIN number, your Acura Vin number is often found on the bottom of your windshield, and on your car title and car insurance paperworks. The first step of making an Acura replacement key, is obtaining a special code that is acquired through the acura_keysAcura VIN number, that special code, also known as a cutting code, is a unique combination of numbers, that will provide the service technician instructions on how to cut your individual Acura car key, there are not two codes alike. Once the service technician obtained the code, then they will go ahead and match the key type that is required for the job, some Acura models are basic blank keys, some are chipped transponder keys, some are flip keys, fobs, remotes and smart keys, after the technician had determined which Acura key is required  for the replacement of your Acura key, the service specialist then cut the Acura key, according to the special code. Most Acura car keys are laser cut, the laser cut keys actually enhances the security of your Acura.
After the specialist finished cutting the Acura Keys, they will ensure the blade is cut precisely with no rough ridges or friction, making a smooth insert into the door and ignition, once we make sure that the blade works well, only then, we go ahead and connect the programmer to the Acura OBD and program the chip that is located in the key to your Acura’s immobilizer. After this process had gone smoothly, now your Acura car key is ready! This process takes expertise to ensure top quality solution, and we recommend only using experienced individuals that are perfectly capable of providing this service, to ensure your Acura isn’t damaged in the process. An inexperienced individual that will attempt to go through this process, can damage oh so many components in your Acura, resulting in a much pricier procedure and potential sever damage. We, at DFW Keys for Cars, have more than 10 years of experience working on numerous Acura models. At this point, we can safely (and proudly) say, that we are the leading, most experienced people in the market to provide a guaranteed, smooth, and effective solution.

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Spare Keys For Acura:

If you only now purchased your Acura, and it came only with one key, or If you misplaced or lost your spare key for Acura, we STRONGLY recommend to make a spare key for your Acura as soon as possible. As though, none of us like to think of the worst case scenario, at times, it happens. You can unexpectedly lose your Acura car keys, and remain at a jam, this can happen at anytime of the day, at Walmart parking lot, outside of your house, at the gym, and in most cases, as Murphy taught us, at the most uncomfortable times. So, in order to prevent a major heart ache, and to save some big $$ on unnecessary emergency services such as towing or unlocking your Acura, which can cost a lot of money, you know that you have your Acura spare key at home, and in matter of sometimes seconds you can be back on the road.
The process of making spare keys for your Acura is very similar to the process of making replacement set of keys, however, the only difference is that we duplicate the blade, rather then buying a code, a process that is maybe trivial, but saves you, a lot of money.
We, at DFW Keys for Cars, posses the experience, expertise and all necessary parts and equipment to make a spare key for your Acura, fast and in the most affordable manner. Call us no to book your appointment: 214-717-6398 We are available 24-Hours.

Theft Recovery for Acura:

If your Acura keys were stolen, or if your Acura was stolen and then returned to you, it is an absolute MUST to do all that you can do in order to recover your car and make sure that all previous keys are no longer functional, this is in order to ensure your car is now completely safe. In a case of Acura theft recovery, we delete all previous keys from the system, ensuring these will no longer be functional in case someone will try to use them, and will program new keys to the system. This process is similar to the above mentioned procedure of Acura car keys replacement. If you would like to receive additional information of this process.

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You might ask yourself, why to choose our services over the dealership or any other service provider. This is a great question and we are delighted to answer.
Our pricing policy:
We are local texans, providing local service for our community and fellow texans for years, and we believe that in order to provide great service, there isn’t any reason to charge an arm and a leg, we charge honest rates, that are quoted to you before hand, so you will not have any surprised and can make an educated decision about using our services. All of the parts that we use are original Acura parts, that we work really hard of purchasing in low-rates, so we can sell them to you cheaper than any other service provide in acura keys dfwthe DFW area. Plus, using the services of dealership is often double or even triple the cost of using our services, and in any case of using the dealership services, you must tow or bring your car to them, and the process usually takes hours and hours. Now, there isn’t any reason for you to go through this hassle, you can use DFW keys for cars for any of your Acura needs!


We commit to you, that when you choose to use our services, we will provide you them will courtesy, professionalism, and in the most honorable and reasonable rates. From your initial call to us, we treat you with respect. After you used our services, we are still here for you, to answer any question that is related to the service we provided you, and in case something happens, we back our services with a warranty. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Other service for Acura:
In addition to keys replacement for Acura, we also provide full emergency services for Acura, some of the services are including but are not limited to the following:
Acura Car Lockouts
Acura Trunk Lockouts
Acura Ignition Replacement
Acura Door Rekey
and more…


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