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What Can i do if i lost my car key?

In case you lost the only key for your vehicle and don’t have a spare key then you faced some options regarding how to receive a new car key made for your vehicle. The inquiry is important for all kinds of vehicle keys and keyless entry remotes, from standard automotive keys to transponder chipped keys and push to start proximity keys.

Here, you will get some explanation regarding how to get your lost key or remotes replaced, the opportunities you have, expected cost, estimated waiting time and more.

you have three options:

  1. Contact an automotive key maker who offers on-site key replacement services in your area.
  2. Tow your vehicle to a car dealership in your area.
  3. Purchase a key online and have a contact a professional cut and program it.

1. Call automotive key replacement experts who cut and programming car keys.

Automotive key makers can easily make most car keys at your location, even do your car key has a transponder chip key.

Many automotive keys makers providing a completely mobile service since many car keys later made after the year 1996 require to be programmed to the vehicle. Consequently, the car has to be present when making the key.

Additionally, you have to use a professional who carries the necessary tools to make a replacement key for your vehicle.

Tip: Make sure to have the VIN prepared in the situation the key maker needs it. Most times they can cut vehicle keys by code, Also, the key maker is able to program the vehicle key on-site if necessary.

How Can I tell if my key has a transponder chip?

How to tell if the key has a transponder chip key? How to know if I had a transponder chipped key?

A: A transponder key is a key that has a transmitter chip in it and accordingly needs to be programmed to start the vehicle.

Many Automotive makers, since the early 2000s are furnished with a computerized chip key for increased vehicle anti-theft protection. The chip is normally placed inside the key cover at the head of the key and since in most circumstances you will not be capable to recognize that.

Yet, once you try to start the vehicle, you will not be able to get your vehicle start if was not was programmed before.

That is a security characteristic that stops theft by just duplicating the car key. Therefore, an automotive key maker or even a car dealership would require to program the car key for in order to start the vehicle.

additionally, car keys that are bought online will be required to be programmed to the vehicle computer and for the largest amount of car keys, only a professional key maker for cars keys can do that.

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