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Lost your keys to your Truck? Need Freightliner key replacement or spare keys done affordably and quickly? You have reached the right place! Contact us now at 214-717-6398
, At Dfw Keys for cars, we specialize in keys making for all years and models of Freightliner trucks vehicles.

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Freightliner Trucks is the most popular Truck in The DFW Area. Therefore, we can assist you with an immediate solution if you lose your Freightliner key or need a Replacement Freightliner key.
DFW Keys 4 Cars have serviced the DFW Metroplex and the neighboring cities for several years. We have the most extensive stock of Freightliner key blanks; therefore, when you contact us, we are confident we will finish your Freightliner key on time.
Our mobile units are equipped with the most innovative tools and accessories. Therefore, we can complete all tasks, from unlocking Freightliner trucks to cutting keys, programming transponder chipped keys, and extracting broken keys.


 When you contact DFW, Keys 4 Cars is always a more feasible choice before towing the Truck to the nearby dealership. By operating with DFW Keys 4 Cars, you can save more than 50% less than the dealership rates and get much more quality work at affordable prices. Besides, 

our Automotive key specialists are trained and highly prepared to complete the task. Therefore, they perform the job promptly and professionally, and the most beneficial part is that you will get the best service in town.

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At DFW Keys 4 Cars, We recognize the difficulty of missing or breaking a car key. Therefore, our primary goal is to help our customers in their difficult circumstances and let them get back to their vehicles as fast as possible. As a result, you can always get it right by choosing our Freightliner keys services!If your keys got stolen, or if your Truck was stolen and then returned to you, it is an absolute MUST you can do to ensure that all prior keys are no longer operational. To ensure your car is now entirely safe. In the case of Freightliner theft recovery, we delete all earlier fobs from the system, ensuring these will no longer be active in case someone tries to use them, and we will program new key fobs to the system. This procedure is identical to the abovementioned procedure for 18-wheeler key replacement if you want additional information.
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Why choose our services over the dealership or any other service provider? It is a great question, and we are delighted to answer it.
Our pricing policy:
We are local Texans, delivering regional service for our community and fellow Texans for years, and we believe that in exceptional service, there isn’t any excuse to charge an arm and a leg. We charge open rates quoted to you beforehand, so you will not be surprised and can decide on using our services. All of the parts we use are genuine parts that we work hard to purchase at low rates so we can sell them to you more inexpensively than any other service provided in the DFW area. Plus, using the services of a dealership is often double or even triple the cost of using our services, and in any case of using the dealership services, you must tow or bring your car to them, and the procedure usually takes hours and hours. Now, there is no excuse for you to go through this hassle. You can use DFW keys for Freightliner Keys!

When you choose to use our services, we commit to you that we will provide you courtesy and professionalism at the most honorable and reasonable rates. From your initial call to us, we have treated you with respect. After you have used our services, we are still here for you to answer any question related to the service we provided you, and in case something happens, we back our services with a warranty. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
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Other services:
In addition to crucial replacement for trucks, we also provide complete emergency services for Freightliner

The Process for Freightliner Theft Recovery:
The process for recovering a stolen Freightliner is akin to the Freightliner truck key replacement procedure. It involves erasing all previous keys from the system to prevent unauthorized access. New keys are programmed to ensure the security of your vehicle.
Contact Us for Assistance:
If you are in this predicament, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 214-717-6398. We are here to provide our expertise and support.
Why Choose Our Services:
You might wonder why you should opt for our services over a dealership or other service provider. We take pride in being local Texans, serving our community and fellow Texans for several years. Excellent service should not come at an exorbitant cost. We offer transparent pricing, providing quotes upfront so you can make informed decisions. Our commitment to affordable rates extends to using genuine Freightliner parts, which we source at lower prices, enabling us to offer more competitive rates than any other service provider in the DFW area.
In contrast, dealership services are often significantly more expensive, not to mention the hassle of transporting your Truck to them, with service times that can stretch for hours. There’s no need to endure such inconveniences when you can choose DFW Keys for Cars for all your Freightliner needs!
Our Commitment to You:
We deliver the highest courtesy and professionalism at the most reasonable rates. From your first call to us, you’ll experience respect and expertise. Even after using our services, we remain available to address any questions related to the services we’ve provided. Our services are backed by a warranty, ensuring your satisfaction remains our top priority.
Additional Freightliner Services:
Beyond essential Freightliner key replacements, we offer a comprehensive range of emergency services for Freightliner vehicles, including:
Freightliner Truck Lockouts
Freightliner Trunk Lockouts
Freightliner Ignition Replacement
Freightliner Door Rekeying
And much more. We’re here to assist you with any Freightliner-related emergencies.
For any Freightliner-related services or inquiries, please get in touch with us at 214-717-6398. We are available 24/7 and ready to serve you.